Dartford Sharks I tough game against Wizards

The beginning of the 2012-2013 season has been tough on the Sharks first team and our next game against the Wizards was no different.

After our win against Crows, we wanted to keep up the enthusiasm and take it into tonight's game.

Wizards brought one of the strongest sides to Dartford that I have ever seen them have in my 5 years playing for the Sharks.  We started with a strongly pressured defence which continued throughout the game but the strength of the Wizards big guys inside was far too powerful.

Wizards took an early lead and Dartford managed to claw their way back to within 8 points in the final quarter but silly mistakes meant this late comeback was too little too late and sadly tonight was not to be our night.

Apparently this is the first time Wizards have beaten the Sharks in Dartford in over 3 years.

Final Score : 57 - 68

Sharks scorers : Maher 25, Ball 9, Demmon 8, Miller 5, Doncuks 5, Long 3, Adams 2

November 15th, 2012 by Andrew Demmon