Dartford Sharks I close win against Iroquois

Why do we do it to ourselves...?  We love to make a game as difficult as possible!!

After playing so well, albeit losing against Wizards, we travelled the short distance to Gravesend to Play Iroquois.   From the start Dartford pressured hard as we did in the opening of the previous game.  By the end of the quarter we had a convincing lead of 11 points.

The second and third quarters are when our concentration started slipping, defense started getting slack and mistakes started occurring which allowed Iroquois back in to the game.  By the end of the fourth the game was anyones.  Luckily Dartford came away with the win, but an unconvincing win which should never have been that close.

Final Score : 53 - 57 

Sharks scorers : Maher 35, Long 7, Adams 7, Miller 6, Ball 2, Smith 1 (Although I know I got 6 points so I think the table officials must have been blinded by all the points coming from Ben)

November 20th, 2012 by Andrew Demmon