Dartford Sharks II vs Iroquois Braves

After watching the second team's game last night and as nobody from the seconds fancies doing any write ups I thought I would break the silence on the progress of Dartford Sharks II.

Overall I was really impressed with the performance of the team. The ball was being moved around nicely, there was a balance between inside presence and out side shots and on the whole the defence was good.

Points were sparse in the first quarter but when the second quarter got underway the points started to rack up.

There was a scary moment when Dave Marsh went over on his ankle and had to come off to ice it, but as a true soldier does (and after realising the blue on his ankle was in fact ink off the ice pack and not bruising), he was back on the court within minutes adding to the total.

Other key players were Tom, who had some nice 3 pointers and cuts to the bucket, Jam with his huge spin moves in the paint and Shaun with his continued outside shooting and aggression on and off the ball.

But for me the player of the game had to be the almighty and powerful Todge. Not only did we get a lot of talking last night from the big man but he also got a season high in points. Keep it up Todge!!!

Final Score : 68 - 31

November 22nd, 2012 by Andrew Demmon