Dartford Sharks friendly Agaist Sutton Rockets

Dartford played host to Sutton Storm Rockets for a friendly over the festive season. The rumour mill was running rampant as the two clubs had not faced each other before. Sutton came into the Beckets centre looking the business and the start of the match did not disappoint.

Sutton came out strong and took an early lead into the second quarter. Dartford came out intense after a minor tongue lashing from the head coach and did not disappoint. From that point on Dartford played an up tempo game using their speed and endurance to force Sutton to work hard on both ends of the court. Sutton decided to change their tactics and went into a zone defence which cause the Sharks some problems early on but once Dartford’s training kicked in the weak spot in the zone was found.

The match ended with Dartford victorious with all players getting good minutes including a notable 3 and half minutes by head coach Ian Webb. The Dartford and Sutton teams were both comprised of 1st and 2nd team players but both teams were playing as if they had been playing together all season.

Final Score : 64 - 48

Dartford would like to thank Sutton Storm Rockets for the match and wish them the best of luck with the rest of their season.

December 20th, 2012 by Andrew Demmon