Great start to new year for Dartford Sharks I

The return of James Pullen from his elbow injury left the Dartford Sharks team with a nearly complete squad.  Hopes were high going into the game with some new tactics having been practised over the Christmas period but what was practised did not seem to filter through in the same way to the game.  I guess we will call this a learning process....

Dartford took a strong lead allowing Maidstone only 2 points in the first quarter, but maybe we got complacent and started to let the lead slip slightly.  It never looked like we would lose the game but, other than moments of the game that looked good, it was felt by the team as a whole that we did not play at our best - Even still, nice to see that all players got on the scoreboard.

Looking forward to the return of Mthoko to complete the first team after his long running achilles injury.  Things are looking good as he has now started light(ish) training again. 

Final score : 77 - 33

Sharks Scorers : Ball 26, Maher 11, Adams 9, Doncuks 8, Miller 6, Fraser 5, Pullen 3, Long 3, Smith 2, Demmon 2, Webb 2

January 10th, 2013 by Andrew Demmon