Close game against Folkestone

After the thrashing we got at Folkestone at the beginning of the season we had to use this opportunity to try and win the home game and get ourselves back up the league table.

The game started well with us piling on the pressure and by the end of the first quarter we were 10 points up.

Folkestone then showed how they beat us by so much in the last game and by half time were back in the game through some great 3 point shooting and a few dunks (George - I hope you were paying attention, we expect some from you in future games!)

The game was close all the way to the final buzzer but ended in Dartford losing by 8 - I really thought that the game was ours this time round.

A great turn out from the team even though a few were missing due to watching the NBA game over at the O2.  Thanks to Mthoko for stepping in as coach for the game - A great job!!

Final score : 64 - 72

Sharks scorers : Long 14, Ball 12, Maher 10, Adams 7, Fraser 6, Pullen 6, Miller 4, Demmon 4, Marsh 1

January 17th, 2013 by Andrew Demmon