Dartford Sharks I lose opening game to Sevenoaks Suns

A disappointing start to the season for the Sharks after a good summer of training.  With Big George as a new addition to the team from the seconds, bringing power and some youth to the side, we felt confident that the team was ready for the upcoming season.

We travelled to Sevenoaks with only a few missing players and had a very close game.  Dartford were up for a lot of the game but the younger (and more energetic) Sevenoaks team pulled back and with some skilful outside shooting took the game in the final seconds.

The Sharks were not happy with their performance but are now even more eager to win in the return home game at the end of the season.

Great performances from Bright, George and Ben.

Final score: 63 - 58 (possibly??)

September 22nd, 2010 by Andrew Demmon