Dartford Sharks I good win over Guru

Guru turned up at Dartford with only a few of the old team but with lots of new fresh faced youngsters to add to their side.

In the warmup Guru looked good and Dartford had to start strong.  We were missing James and Sergei tonight but this did not stop the rest of the team who put on an outstanding show which was excellent to watch from the sideline.  That can't be said for all of our games...

By the end of the quarter the hard man defence had put Dartford out in front by around 20 but we have seen leads like this disappear before quite easily.  Guru came out strong in the second and Dartford lost some of their composure losing the quarter and ending only 10 points up.

In the half time talk it was decided that we would fall back into a zone which caught out the fresh Guru side and Dartford were back into their stride.

Dartford went on to win by close to 30 points.  This was all down to our great defence and maybe a few points from George and Ben (but only a few!!)

Final score : 69 - 40

Sharks scorers : Ball 23, Maher 20, Miller 6, Demmon 6, Fraser 5, Long 4, Smith 3, Adams 2

February 7th, 2013 by Andrew Demmon