Great win for Dartford Sharks I

With a few games left in the league this season Dartford wanted to maximize their win total and point difference.

The night started well with the starting five for Dartford going 18 - 0 up before the subbing started....  But even though the bench let New House on to the score sheet, the first quarter was still an amazing start with Dartford taking the lead 32 - 8.

To give New House some credit, they maintained composure and came out in the second and third quarters without their heads low and to be fair the scores for those quarters were fairly even.

But still there was no let up from Dartford who took the game by 42 points.  Shame we could not hit the 100 point mark!

Great game Sharks.

Final Score : 56 - 98

Sharks Scorers : Ball 28, Pullen 24, Maher 15, Fraser 9, Long 9, Demmon 5, Miller 4, Webb 2, Smith 2

March 7th, 2013 by Andrew Demmon