A roundup of the annual German weekender

So once again our annual German exchange weekend has come and gone. A great time was had by most (finding it so hard not to make any jokes about our fearless Canadian!!)

Friday evening was the usual meet and greet in London, but this year was different as we headed to Leicester Sq rather than Covent Garden. I would like to say this was fairly relaxed but my head in the morning would have disagreed. Well done to Kieran and Russ who managed to find their way home after missing their station and having to navigate from Maze Hill - Damn South Eastern trains and their Easter engineering works.

Saturday saw some snow but also the main event and the "real" reason the Germans come over - the BIG GAME - Dartford vs Hanau.

We knew the game would be tough, Hanau brought with them 8 players (well 7 players and Sven!) and we were missing many of our first team players. With Sergei and Ryan out of the country, James at work, Ben ill and otherwise disposed - we won't go into details, and George.... Well lets not embarrass the poor boy in saying why he wasn't playing, we had to enlist the services of some of the second team players.

To be honest I don't think we did too bad and the game was fun to play.

The Germans rocketed into the lead with a 19-6 lead at the end of the first. But after a few sips of Jäger - and the Germans probably taking a little breather - Dartford came back into the game winning the second quarter by 3 leaving us 10 point down at the half.

The second half was similar to the first with Hanau winning the third and Dartford winning the fourth.

Final score : 68 - 50

Sharks scorers : Long 14, Demmon 11, Miller 9, Plail 4, Fraser 5, Smith 5, Todge 2

After the game we headed down to the Flying Boat in Dartford for some cheap food and drinks. The plan was to stay in here for a few and then head over to the Courthouse by 19:30. However at 21:00 with a table full of 2 for £12 pitchers you try moving a bunch of oversized Germans on.....

Eventually we found our way to the courthouse for a great night.

Sunday morning was spent being very religious in "the church". Time just seems to fly when you are in there having fun.

Sunday afternoon was back to Dartford with the evening spent in the Courthouse and then, the new favourite of the Germans, Crush! Who would have thought that would have been open until 2:30 on Easter Sunday.

After a long weekend the Hanau boys were finally taken back to Heathrow and sent home.

A great weekend and looking forward to next year already - Thanks for everyone's support and help making this happen.

April 2nd, 2013 by Andrew Demmon