Dartford Sharks I through to Medway cup final

Sorry for the late write up, I was waiting on the score sheet but it would seem it has not made its way to us. Our fault for not picking it up I suppose!!

So we travelled down to Tonbridge in what many of the sharks thought was a league game only to find out in a 4th quarter timeout that we were minutes away from the Medway cup final.

The game was intense from the start with both teams edging in front at different points in the game but neither team stretching the lead to more than 5 (I believe, with out the score sheet I can't be sure - don't sue me!).

The last couple of minutes we were up and it was a fouling game for Tonbridge to stop the clock.  The pressure got to some of the dartford players, including myself, from the line which intensified the game even more so.  But leave it up to the Moose to add a few extra points and send Dartford through to the final.

Final Score : 52 - 54

Coinsidentally, the final this year is exactly the same fixture as it was two years ago, against Wizards same location.  We lost then, is this year our year?  Come on the Sharks.  Any support for the game is welcome - Leigh Technology Academy (formerly CTC for old folk) in Dartford, doors open at 3:30.

April 15th, 2013 by Andrew Demmon