Final league game of the season for Dartford Sharks I

With the top of the league table tight on points, there was still all to play for in the last game against Guru Nanak.

Both teams had full squads and the game started quick.

Dartford took an amazing lead ending the quarter 31-11, with some excellent inside work from Mike and George (Mike having his game of the season!).  

The following periods were no different apart from a few points where Dartford lost focus a little - Closing half time score was 49-25.

Dartford took the game by 26 which hopefully by our calculations takes us to 2nd in the final league standings.

Final Score : 54 - 80

Sharks Scorers : Sorry guys can't work out the score sheet!!  Will update if I can figure it out....

May 1st, 2013 by Andrew Demmon