Dartford Sharks I - Season Roundup

Our final game of the season saw Dartford Sharks I disappointingly knocked out of the Rosebowl Cup.  With just over half the team available to play and Crows having a 45 point head start it was always going to be a tough game but we seemed to make the challenge more difficult some how.

During the whole of the first half we managed to claw back only 6 points from the 45 point lead with the first half score ending 73 - 34.

Over half time we had some changes to make and came out with a pressurized half court zone which was massively effective with us scoring 29 points to Crows 3 in the third quarter.  With things looking up we rallied on into the fourth but it as we tried hard to claw back the remainder of the points, crows played the clock and we ran out of time.

Final Score : 74 - 87 (Crows with 45 point start)

On a positive note Dartford Sharks I had an excellent season coming runner up in both the Medway league and the Medway cup.

Looking forward to next season with hopefully some great summer signings for both the first and the second team.

June 6th, 2013 by Andrew Demmon