Dartford Sharks II Start Off Season Well

The season is underway and the second team took the short road trip to Bromley.

Dartford looked good with the inclusion of 2 out of 3 of their new signings this year and a few of the first team to fill in the numbers due to injury prone big men.

The game started with Bromley coming out strongest. This was understandable as many of the sharks second team had yet to play with each other.

As the quarters passed Dartford pulled back and by the end of the third Dartford had caught up from a 7 point lead to be up by 1.

This continued through to the final buzzer with Dartford taking the game by 5 - A great first result.

Excellent games had by all but new signings, 'Rebounding King' Shilo and 'Driving Mastermind' Corey, stood out as players that could make a difference this season for the seconds. Looking forward to seeing what the Sharks 3rd new signing of the season, Charles, will add to the equation.

Final Score : 34 - 39

Sharks Scorers : Demmon 11, Yogev 9, Grimes 8, Fraine 5, Rowlett 4, Smee 2

September 24th, 2013 by Andrew Demmon