Dartford Sharks I Best Game In Years

As with the seconds, the first team have made two new signings in Zsolt and Wojceich. Both big men have an awesome presence both on defence and offence and give the team a great depth on the bench.

The start of the season has been highly anticipated due to the new signings we have acquired and hopes were high. Let's hope we now live up to the hype.

The first game of the season was at home to Tonbridge. They came down with a strong squad but as the game kicked off Dartford applied a constant full court press and made use of the defensive pressure that we have been focussing on all summer. Within minutes we were up 11-0 and Tonbridge had to find something to pull the game back.

By the end of the half we were up 36-19 and this carried on through to the end with Dartford winning by a massive 18 points.

Considering in the past games with Tonbridge have been close, this was a vast improvement.

No individual player stood out but and excellent team effort. Great rotation of the bench by the coach also.

Superb start to the season. Keep it up guys!!

Final Score : 61 - 43

Kraft 16, Maher 13, Podjaski 6, Adams 6, Fraser 4, Ball 4, Demmon 3, Pullen 3, Doncuks 3, Long 2, Miller 1

September 26th, 2013 by Andrew Demmon