Close Win for Dartford Sharks I Against Bromley

This Tuesday saw Dartford's first team take the away trip to Bromley to face an all new and improved Bromley side.

Dartford were missing 5 key players due to holiday, work commitments, injury or man flu and so we knew the night could go either way.

Dartford started strong and took an early lead - up by 8 at the end of the first quarter and then by 15 at half time.

Bromley then seemed to find there rhythm and started to claw back on the lead that Dartford had gained.

The fourth is where it all started to go wrong. Missed calls from the ref and key Dartford players heads went down causing bickering between the team and before we knew it our healthy lead was diminishing.

The final minutes were quite tense and the game could have gone either way but Dartford held on to clinch it by 2.

Not out greatest last quarter but a win is a win.

Final Score : 57 - 59

Sharks Scorers : Maher 24, Long 9, Donchuks 7, Demmon 5, Fraser 4, Podjaski 4, Adams 2, Miller 2

October 1st, 2013 by Andrew Demmon