Dartford Sharks II second win

Dartford's seconds took the short away trip to new team Greenwich Rams.

When we enters the hall they looked like a fairly well organised and drilled team but you could tell that they need another season of playing together Before they start gelling as a team.

The games started fairly evenly and in the first and second quarters Dartford outplayed Greenwich by 4 points a quarter.

The third quarter was where Dartford took off, applying more defensive pressure and pressing more after a score. By the end of this quarter we were up 25 and there looked like there was no come back from Greenwich.

The last quarter Greenwich stepped up a little but only to match Dartford and the game ended with a similar point difference to the end of the third.

The Greenwich team definitely has some potential. Great game everyone!

Final Score : 27 - 60

Sharks Scorers : Demmon 14, Yogev 12, Smee 9, Fraine 7, Plail 7, Grimes 7, Rowlett or Stopford (who ever was in no 5) 4

October 15th, 2013 by Andrew Demmon