Dartford Sharks I through to Medway cup 2nd round

Not the greatest of games for the sharks - Not sure what happened!!

The game took ages to start, with scoreboard and table malfunctions, and then when it did start it was a bit of a non event for Dartford. We just did not seem to step up.

With a full team we should have played well but no one really stood out as playing as they should.

Sevenoaks started better and shot ahead but Dartford soon came back and the game was pretty even throughout. Dartford finally crept ahead in the final quarter to win the game.

Not much more to say!!

Hopefully next round will be better.

Final Score : 65 - 81

Sharks Scorers : Sorry the score sheet was too faded to work out who scored what!

October 23rd, 2013 by Andrew Demmon