Dartford Sharks I take easy win over Eltham

Sorry for the delay folks.... Been busy busy busy!!

Last Thursday saw Dartford visit Eltham in Falconwood for their away fixture.  This court kind of feels like home to us as this is where our Junior team train so it always has a nice feel when playing there.

With a fairly full squad, we felt we had the depth on the bench to press hard from the start which gave us a good start and Eltham had to find ways to get out of the trap.

By the end of the first quarter Dartford were up 24 - 7 with this lead increasing to 46 - 17 at the half.  The team played excellently together and no one really stood out as an outstanding player over and above another.

In the third querter we tried something different falling back into a zone but this did not go so well and the Eagles pulled back a little.  So in the fourth we decided to play as we knew and powered on for the win by 26.

Final Score : 56 - 81

Sharks Scorers : Ball 26, Kraft 14, Demmon 13, Maher 10, Donchuks 7, Long 5, Webb 2, Miller 2, Smith 2 

November 21st, 2013 by Andrew Demmon