Unfortunate second loss for Dartford Sharks I

This thursday saw Iroquois come to our homecourt and we had heard throught the grapevine that Iroquois had a few new players and were playing well this season.

Dartford on the other hand were missing key starting players in George and James, as well as Wojceich and Dan. However we did have Mthoko back from his long term injury and a new point guard in Sid so we should have played well but we just didn't seem to gel as we normally do.

Dartford started slightly ahead of Iroquois ending the first quarter 18 - 12 and the half at 37 - 26.

But this is where it all started going wrong for Dartford.  We came out in the third quarter and Iroquois picked up a level while Dartford just couldn't get going.  Iroquois had caught up and were only 2 points behind in the end of the third.

Our heads were now pretty low from playing poorly as well as a number of suspect refereeing decisions and Iroquois took the game.

Final Score : 64 -75

Sharks Scorers : Maher 16, Long 15, Kaan 15, Kraft 7, Demmon 5, Miller 4, Donchuks 2

December 2nd, 2013 by Andrew Demmon