Sharks II edge out Bromley B at home

For some reason whenever we play Bromley the games are always low scoring, and tonight’s game failed to disappoint again on that front! With a small crowd down to watch including the club President and Vice-President (Mick& Alf!), it would’ve been nice to have put on a good performance for our last game of 2013.

Right from the start both teams were competing heavily to see who could set up the best brickyard. This was helped out by the efforts from the foul line too, with them shooting a poor 31% and us not much better on 36% from the line. A half time score of 17-16 provided a good indicator of how the game was to progress.

After a 3rd quarter which ended 26-25, we somehow managed to build a 9 point lead for the first time in the game. Though this was soon cancelled out by three 3 pointers from their top scorer who ended up with 22 of their 37 points.

Into the last minute of the game and at 37-37 it looked to be heading for overtime with both teams heading to the line again but unable to score any of these bread and butter chances. Luckily we were able to prevent our loyal supporters from having to sit through any of that though as the ball fell inside to Tim in the dying seconds and he had the final word of the game as we limped over the line!

Final Score : 39 - 37

Sharks Scorers : Grimes 13, Andrzejewski 11, Yogev 5, Dickson 4, Stopford 3, Rowlett 2, Fraine 1

December 12th, 2013 by Alex Stopford