Dartford Sharks I great start to the season

Fresh from the Christmas break and in fairly good shape due to the friendly against the second team last week we were ready and in high spirits for the game against Bromley.

We had lots to prove given our performance in the away game at Bromley which was too close to call seeing us winning by a mere two points. With this in mind we had to start strong and as with most games this season we put on a had defensive press from the word go.

The first and the second quarters saw Dartford outplay bromley by 5 points each quarter but we came in to our own in the third where we increased the lead from 10 points to 27.

By the final quarter Bromley were tired and were finding it difficult to keep up with the full court press leaving Dartford with the impressive win.

A number of good performances from individual players - Sid had an amazing game jacking up more threes than Kieran, Mike had a great game and is getting into his scoring swing and we have to give a mention to the 'scrappy do' of the team Danny with his season high scoring record!

However the thing that won it for Dartford was the great team effort and never letting up the pressure on the press. Great game.

Final Score : 82 - 47

Sharks Scorers : Kaan 21, Maher 12, Ball 11, Miller 11, Long 10, Kraft 5, Adams 4, Demmon 4, Smith 4 (season high!)

January 9th, 2014 by Andrew Demmon