Sharks II go missing in action against Maidstone

For much of the first half of tonight’s game a search party was sent out looking for any signs of the team who were last seen winning away at Greenwich. All volunteers joining the search were given the description of a team newly kitted out in green and wandering around aimlessly on the brand new green-floored sports hall that is now home to the Maidstone Warriors!

All of a sudden, just before half time, reports were being relayed of some people fitting the description being spotted lining up around the 3-point arc. Further sightings in the second half confirmed this was indeed the missing team and a time-out was then called to remind them that there was still a game being played!

From that point on the defence was stepped up (or should I say put on!) and the heavens began to open up offensively with a combined total of eleven 3-pointers raining in from all corners of the front court.

However, with a considerable amount of damage sustained already, our efforts managed only to soften the blow. With time running down in the game the best we could achieve was to reduce the deficit from what had been very much a one-way street from the off.

Looking forward, we definitely need to be more focused and consistent if we are to start winning against the teams who beat us in the first part of the season.

Final Score : 72-58

Sharks Scorers : Olanolan 12, Plail 12, Andrzejewski 8, Rowlett 6, Stopford 6, Dickson 5, Yogev 4, Whitaker 3, Smee 2.

January 29th, 2014 by Alex Stopford