Dartford Sharks I secure a well deserved win against Wizards

This Thursday's home game against the Wizards needed to be the game of the season for Dartford Sharks I if we were going to be contenders for the first spot in the league this season.  The away fixture saw us lose by a single point in the final seconds of the game and tonight saw the whole team appearing early showing their eagerness for the game.

With Wizards turning up with only 6 players it was crucial for Dartford to utilise their full bench and to maintain the high pace of the game to keep the opposition tired.  To do this we went with the full court press that has helped us in more than one game this season.

The game started close with the Wizards ending the first quarter up 4.  The second quarter was equal on points and we were happy at the end of the half that we still had it in us to win this game.

Wizards came out strong in the second half and things started looking bad for Dartford.  Shots were not going down and silly mistakes saw us lose the quarter by 13 points leaving us with 17 points to catch up. This is where games change for us!  Our heads either go down (like many games that we have lost) or we carry on with our heads up....This week we remained positive and it showed.

Rolls reversed and this quarter we outplayed the Wizards by enough to leave the game even at the final buzzer 60 - 60.  Although the whole team played well, credit goes out to Ben, James, Sid, Mike and Zolt who played near enough the whole final quarter closing the deficit and  then the whole overtime period - Why change something if it's working?

A very tense 5 minutes with Wizards scoring first but then Dartford remaining on top after that and controlling the tempo of the game while Wizards chased.

An amazing game to watch (even from the bench!!!)

Final Score : 73 - 69 (60 -60 at end of the 4th quarter)

Sharks Scorers : Kraft 18, Maher 17, Kaan 15, Miller 7, Pullen 7, Demmon 4, Long 3, Doncuks 2

January 30th, 2014 by Andrew Demmon