Dartford Sharks I through to Medway cup semis

Our 2nd away trip to Bromley was for the Medway cup quarter final game against Bromley A.

Without much of a warm up Dartford looked slow and sluggish in the early periods of the game and it never got much better towards the end. We were missing 'speedy' Sid which may also have had an impact on the tempo of the game.

The first quarter was fairly even with Dartford leading by a point at the close.

The second quarter we just had no motivation or passion to win the game and for the first half of the second quarter the only team on the score sheet was Bromley. Towards the end of the quarter we picked up our game a little and threw on a press that had tripped Bromley up last game but still ended up 4 down on the half time buzzer.

We came out a little stronger after the half time interval and continued to full court press. This quarter saw us out play Bromley by 5 leaving us up.

The 4th quarter was still very slow but both teams took the lead many times and the game was anyone's for the taking.

After the non eventful previous 38 minutes, the last two were quite exciting. Dartford had the lead by 1, then Bromley had the lead by 1. It was like this right down to the wire until Bromley scored with 2 seconds left on the clock to again put them up by 1. The clock never stopped and the buzzer went - Bromley thought they had the win.

Quite rightly the ref added the final two seconds to the clock and Dartford took a timeout to create a play involving the big Canadian.

The ball was ours from the halfway line, a double screen from Zolt and Andy (nearly taking out Ben in the process) the ball was inbounded and a buzzer winning three from Ben to secure a thrilling end to a fairly boring game!

Final score : 50 - 52

Sharks Scorers : Kraft 11, Ball 10, Long 8, Maher 8, Demmon 6, Miller 5, Pullen 4

February 11th, 2014 by Andrew Demmon