Sharks II through to Medway Plate semi-finals

With an away draw against Division 1 opposition Guru Nanak, we surely had to be the underdogs going into tonight’s Medway Plate quarter-final game. Starting off in a zone that was designed to stop their 3-point threat, and while not seeming to do much wrong, the game began in a rhythm that played right into their hands.

Going into the 2nd quarter 18-5 down, something had to be done to break their stride and turn the game to our favour. By changing the D to a man we completely derailed them in the 2nd and took our chances offensively to finish the half in front 27-30.

Continued pressure from us in the 3rd quarter only added to our lead as we went into the last period 10 points up. Although, as we know, 10 points can be turned round in a matter of seconds in this game.

In a frenzied last quarter which had more than its share of foul shots, turn overs and ‘friendly banter’ with the refs and opposition, we more than managed to hold out. With the lead decreasing to as little as 5 at times, we kept our nerve and continued to play our game. A final rally saw us secure the game in some style as we took the quarter 21-24.

Back to the league next week with plenty of positives to take into our games against Sevenoaks and Folkestone Vets….

Final Score: 61-74

Sharks Scorers: Yogev 17, Fraine 13, Andrzejewski 11, Grimes 9, Whitaker 8, Dickson 6, Smee 6, Plail 2, Rowlett 2.

(Apologies for any mistakes but the scoresheet needs a PhD in hieroglyphics to decipher!!)

February 12th, 2014 by Alex Stopford