Welcome to the Shark Tank

With a massive amount of hype and buildup surrounding this game (for no apparent reason) the whole team seemed excited and ready for this evenings home fixture against Eltham.

Tonight the spectators and both teams were entertained by DJ Tim Dicksons boom box set which consisted of a warm up medley - the only artists of which I can remember being the late Michael Jackson - followed by an assortment of NBA styled jingles thought the game.

Not only was Tim the DJ by his daughter provided the first ever online stream of the game which probably had a zero watch counter but none the less made us feel incredibly important - I think next home game should at least contain some pyrotechnics and a darkened hall where the sharks are individually introduced!!

Back to the game..... Dartford came out strong from the word go putting pressure on the weaker Eltham side which paid off. The first quarter saw Dartford race to a 30 point lead despite Radsy starting a free throw amnesty and throwing away points like they were out of fashion. But as a team we pulled together so as not to make Ryan feel so bad and soon other plays were seen to be throwing air balls from the line as well.

By the half time buzzer, the Sharks had taken a commendable 32 point lead. Much of this down to great team effort - Not one player had a bad game.

The last half seemed to be all about out little terrier Danny Smith with a season high 11 points he just keeps smashing his previous best each game. It's hard to pick out other plays worthy of a mention as every one had a great game. But Dan Fraser back from injury put in a sterling performance as well as big Wojceich who has found his feet inside. Ryan and Mike also helped out with close to season highs for then as well.

The final buzzer sounded and Dartford had won by a respectable 50 points. And all this without Sid, James and George showing the strength of the bench we have.

Final score : 85-35

Sharks scorers : Long 13, Adams 13, Smith 11, Kraft 8, Maher 8, Miller 8, Fraser 8, Posjaski 7, Demmon 6, Donchuks 3

February 27th, 2014 by Andrew Demmon