Dartford Sharks I move into second league position

After the excitement of our last home game, we were brought back to reality in a game that we needed to win if we were going to contend with the leaders of the league. Iroquois had a great game last time they played us and if anyone would trip us up it was likely to be them.

We travelled the short distance to Gravesend and with a late start time, dull lighting and a seriously dusty court the game took a while to heat up. Missing a fair amount of players the game could have gone either way as Iroquois came stacked.

The first quarter was quite even with the Sharks missing more than they should have and playing poorly on defence. The amount of offensive boards Iroquois got was unreal. Ending 12-16 in favour of Dartford was a lucky end to the quarter.

After a little rant from coach Ian. We began to pull our defence back in to check and started to hit shot after shot. This was probably one of our best games for outside shooting with even big man Zolt hitting a three. By half time we had increased the lead to 14. You could see the cracks appearing in the Iroquois team as heads went down and there was arguing amongst the team.

We kept the heat on for the third quarter adding another 9 points to the lead but in the 4th we seemed to sit back and just defend the lead resulting in an even split of points.

Not the most exciting of games but a good needed win for Dartford who retain the second position in the league.

Final score : 52-75

Sharks Scorers : Maher 12, Pullen 12, Kraft 11, Long 11, Fraser 11, Demmon 8, Miller 6, Podjaski 4

March 4th, 2014 by Andrew Demmon