Disappointing loss in Semis for Dartford Sharks I

With less than a weeks notice and yet another away fixture for the Sharks in the Medway cup, six team members managed the trip down to Folkestone on Sunday.  From the start the we new it would be tough with a full turn out from the Folkestone team and being on a Sunday with a 4:00 tip we tend to find it difficult to get going.

The game started with Folkestone taking a lead and Dartford getting in trouble with the refs.  As we only had 6 players, we decided that our usual press would not be possible and due to us not pressing, we eased of any kind of tempo on defense or offense.

As Folkestone went ahead against a top  first division team there heads were held high but we knew we were missing the majority of our key players.  And within the first quarter some of our players were in foul trouble.

By the end of the first quarter we had dropped by 10 and then by the half another 10.

After the half time break, we decided that we would put on more of a pressure defense, even with 6 players, and the final two quarters were held even, but by this time it was too little too late and Dartford were annoyingly kicked out of the cup.

Final Score : 71 - 51 

Sharks Scorers : Long 19, Kraft 15, Miller 9, Fraser 5, Demmon 3

March 9th, 2014 by Andrew Demmon