Sharks I easy 2nd Rosebowl win over Iroquois

With Dartford at gridlock with traffic this Thursday, there were inevitable delays to the start of our second Rosebowl home Game against Iroquois.  With only five players but no kit, the game did not get underway until after 8:30.

Iroquois only had five players but Dartford were also light with only seven and this game was going to be difficult for both teams having few substitutes.  That said, due to both teams ending in similar league positions, neither team had a lead going into the game.

The game started and Dartford took an early lead going ahead 15 - 6 but towards the end of the quarter Iroquois pulled back ending the first with a score of 15 - 11.  There never seemed any real passion or excitement from either team and it was a very quiet quarter.   The second was a similar affair albeit having a few more fouls with both teams getting their full quota of team fouls.  The half ended with a score of 35 - 29.

After a brief few minutes and with the referees wanting to get home the second half got underway.  It was plain to see that by now Iroquois were finding it tough.  Having no subs was taking its toll, the team was tired and every mistake was causing friction within the team.  Dartford stormed ahead increasing the lead to 21.  By this point Iroquois looked like they had given up and Dartford seized the chance to take the game by a large margin.  The fourth quarter had some excellent plays with great linking up by James, Ben and Sergei to make some great to watch baskets.  Dartford took the game with an impressive difference of 33 points.

Thanks to all the support from the second team players and some of the new lady sharks.  We hope to see more supporters for future games.  Next two Thursdays see Dartford sharks II in action for their next Rosebowl games.  See you there.....

Final Score : 88 - 55

Sharks Scorers : Maher 33, Kraft 21, Demmon14, Fraser 7, Doncuks 7, Pullen 6

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May 1st, 2014 by Andrew Demmon