Sharks II complete Rosebowl group stage roundup

This year the Rosebowl competition has changed a little with 3 groups of 5 teams instead of the usual 4 group format. The top 2 teams from each group progress to the next round along with the next 2 highest placed finishers.

Sharks II were drawn into Pool C with all games starting according to the difference in handicaps, which are based on the final league tables. Full group details are shown below:

Pool A Pool B Pool C
Guru Nanak (20) Folkstone (50) Dartford Sharks 2 (45)
Dartford Sharks 1 (0) Eltham Eagles (20) Tonbridge Knights (20)
Iroquois (0) Iroquois Braves (80) Sevenoaks Suns (25)
Bromley B (45) New house (35) Bromley A (10)
Crows (35) Maidstone Warriors (45) Greenwich Rams (55)


Game 1 – Sevenoaks Suns Vs Dartford Sharks II – Wednesday 30th April

This game began with us having a 20 point lead, however after a very tense finish to our last meeting in the league we were determined to forget the advantage and play for the win outright. Indeed as the quarter scores show we were able to keep things very close to doing just that all the way through. Sevenoaks took the 1st and 2nd quarters 16-14 and 12-10, and we just pinched the 3rd 13-14.

Effectively we were ahead by 17 points going into the 4th, but sticking to our plan this is when things began to liven up a little. Defensively we had been solid most of the way not allowing Sevenoaks any easy opportunities. We remained organised in the back court and it was only due to some outstanding last ditch 3 point shooting from Sevenoaks that they took the final period. All of their last 6 baskets were from beyond the arc as they looked to claw back some points.

The only mistake they made was to underestimate the threat of the big grey bear (one Mr Torreggiani!) as he provided our inside presence during the crucial stage of the game to help us comfortably over the winning line.

Final Score: 66-75

Sharks Scorers: Andrzejewski 20, Yogev 14, Torreggiani 7, Fraine 6, Rowlett 4, Olanolan 2, Whitaker 2.

Game 2 – Dartford Sharks II Vs Bromley A – Thursday 8th May

Tonight’s game began with us having a 35 point head start and looking to build upon last week’s win on the road. With a near full strength squad to pick from all things appeared favourable from the outset. Bromley took the 1st period 14-20, but a much closer 2nd period saw them just take it 13-14 leaving us well on track to take the game.

But as we know the score line rarely tells the full story, and it all began to get a bit heated from early on. Both sides were into the team foul penalty zone in the 1st and 2nd quarters, and while Bromley avoided this in the 3rd, we were less disciplined (or unlucky with the calls depending on how you see it!). The first of our team to get fouled out was coach Plail early in the 3rd followed not much later by Gary.

Into the 4th somehow we were still very much on course as we looked to protect a 24 point lead. Surely this was too much for Bromley to overhaul?!?! What then unfolded would even have left Victor Meldrew short for words as the game began to descend into a comedy of errors. Michal was fouled out then Todge, Shilo scored our only 2 points for the quarter before a barrage of firepower from Bromley against our rapidly depleting resources left us altogether bemused and in need of a time out.

However the damage was done and despite our efforts, the unexpected can always (and did) happen as Bromley took the quarter 2-28 and the game in the final moments much to our and their amazement. At least we don’t have to wait too long to respond as next week we are at home against Tonbridge.

Final Score: 70-72

Sharks Scorers: Yogev 10, Andrzejewski 5, Fraine 5, Plail 5, Smee 4, Olanolan 2, Stopford 2, Whitaker 2.

Game 3 – Tonbridge Knights Vs Dartford Sharks II – Thursday 15th May

Another home game against higher placed opposition in Tonbridge Knights saw us start the game with a 25 point lead. This is a team who we almost managed to surprise in the Medway Cup way back in October, and as such we approached the game with every confidence that we could show up again and get a result.

Though with only 7 players available today and no recognised point guard we would have to do things the hard way and keep our discipline unlike last week.

Starting the game with a well organised defense and with our play coming from inside and outside the arc we edged the 1st quarter 15-14 as we looked to lay down a marker early on. The next two quarters saw Tonbridge come back into the game to end the 3rd only just behind 56-49.

However, in a reversal of last week’s fixture this is where Tonbridge began their spell of foul trouble as we remained a bit more composed. In a last quarter which saw a combined total of 15 trips to the free-throw line and 3 Tonbridge players fouled out, we thankfully managed to hold out in a final few minutes which became more like a few days. Good effort Sharks, a well-deserved win off the back of a disappointing performance last week.

Final Score: 73-62

Sharks Scorers: Andrzejewski 16, Yogev 16, Smee 9, Plail 3, Rowlett 2, Stopford 1, Whitaker 1.

Game 4 – Greenwich Rams Vs Dartford Sharks II – Tuesday 20th May

Unfortunately Greenwich Rams have dropped out of the Rosebowl this year which means we have now completed all our group stage games. The next round will be played on the week beginning Sunday 1st June, although with another week of group stage games still remaining we will wait to hear our fate!! What we do know is that the last 8 will be arranged according to the format below:

Winner Pool A Vs Wildcard 1

Runner up Pool B Vs Winner Pool C

Winner Pool B Vs Runner up Pool A

Runner up Pool C Vs Wildcard 2

May 15th, 2014 by Alex Stopford