Crows had a lead too far...

Last Thursday was the last group game of the Rose Bowl for Dartford Sharks I. They travelled the short distance to Erith to play Crows with a minimalistic team consisting of 6 players, 5 of which are inside players.

The game started quickly with not much of a warm up and due to this we found it difficult to get an early grip on the game. In the first quarter we only managed to claw back 3 points with Crows starting strongly.

The second was slightly better after picking our heads up and actually starting playing. We pulled back another 7 and by the end of the third we were only 15 behind. An achievable target in the last quarter.

The last quarter, however, was a shambles and it would be very easy to blame the refereeing decisions. But we all know that you need to rise above the calls and the team just could not make the last ditch effort to claw back the remainder of the deficit. Had we had more players we could have thrown a press but this just was not possible (until the last minute or so anyway).

We now await the final outcome to see if we are though to the quarter finals but I think not this year. 

Final score : 91 - 83

May 22nd, 2014 by Andrew Demmon