Disappointing first loss for Dartford Sharks I

Dartford Sharks first teams opening game was the away fixture at Tonbridge.

With a nearly full squad and some second team members coming for a try out we should have done well.  

The game started fairly evenly with Dartford coming out top in the 1st with a 2 point lead.  Things then started sliding as we struggled inside and the second and third quarters went to a quicker and stronger Tonbridge side.

With a 13 point defecit to make up going into the final quarter the game was still in our sights but it would be a difficult task to pull back and win the game. That said, we gave it a good try but lost by 9.

Many lessons learnt through out the game: changing strategies earlier, not picking up early technicals and not letting your main big man go on holiday for the opening of the season!!

Hopefully this game will give us something to think about going into the scond game of the season against Eltham.

Final Score : 69 - 60

September 29th, 2014 by Andrew Demmon