Sharks II lose first away game to Newhouse

Sharks II took to the road for the first time this season for an away fixture against Newhouse in Sittingbourne. Of late the matches between the two teams have been battles and this was far from any different. The referees will be in the market for new whistles following this game as theirs have surely worn out. A total of 56 foul shots were taken on the night.

The game started evenly with the lead going back and forth with Sharks holding a 1 point lead at the quarter.

Sharks were out of the gates slow in the 2nd and Newhouse capitalized on this using their quickness they have for a few fast breaks. Sharks worked hard to narrow the gap between the teams with some dominate rebounding both offensively and defensively by Shilo and new recruit Mindaugas. However 6 straight trips to the foul line for Newhouse kept the home teams score ticking over to give them a 9 point lead 37 – 28.

The Sharks started the 3rd well with a 13 – 6 run to get within 2 points of Newhouse and were looking to continue the great work until tempers flared on a tie up which took a few minutes to settle down and somehow ended with Sharks being found the guilty party. Never the less the Sharks continued the hard work and got to within a point before back to back 3’s edged Newhouse ahead again leaving the Sharks 7 down and had our first foul out of the game. 3rd quarter ended 55 – 48.

The start of the 4th quarter was a fairly even affair before the Sharks managed to make a little run and get within 5 points but another foul out and a few missed free throws for ourselves down the line allowed Newhouse to pull away and win the game 70 – 59.

The team spirit was good tonight especially dealing with a few dubious calls and a feisty crowd but there were plenty of plus’s from the game. If we can continue with the strong defence and make a few more shots then the future holds some W’s

Final Score: 70 - 59 

Sharks scorers: Yogev 15, Sabunas 9, Marsh 7, Andrzejewski 7, Stopford 5, Smee 5, Grimes 4, Plail 3, Rowlett 2. If anyone feels short changed we had 2 points with no player attached so they might be yours.

October 7th, 2014 by Alex Stopford