Not a great start to the year for Dartford Sharks I

So, second road trip for Dartford Sharks first team and it was not good.

Eltham Eagles seem to have recruited some new players over the summer and were moving the ball round with ease.  Dartford had turned up in drips and drabs and were never fully ready to start but excuses out of the way, we did not turn up to the game prepared.

Eltham went up but Dartford stayed in the game.  Somewhere in the second and third, Dartford lost their way and were behind by about 15.

We turned it round slightly putting the full court press on but again too little to late and the quickness of Eltham's point guards seemed to break the press with ease to win the game by 11.

Not a great write up, but to be fair, not a great game!!  We have lots to do, but since this game and the write up, coach Ben and Ian have been coming up with a whole new play for the team to hopefully rejuvenate the side and utilise the qualities we have.

Final Score : 66 - 55

October 16th, 2014 by Andrew Demmon