Dartford Sharks I close loss but great game

Dartford have never had such a bad start to the season since at least I can remember. Losing the first two games we desperately wanted to win our first home game.

Only trouble is our first home game was against Wizards. That said, without our full squad and having been practicing a new offence over the last few weeks, Dartford came out strong. Hitting load of threes in the first quarter to leave us 4 points up at the buzzer the game was looking good.

Wizards then came back, out playing us in the quarter, to end the half up by 3 at 44-41.

The game was so tight that neither team was up by more than 6 at any one point and the same was true going in to the third with Wizards stretching the lead to 5.

With a last ditch attempt and full court press in the 4th we evened the scores up twice but last in the final seconds of the game by 4.

I think everyone watching the game would say the same thing. Was a great game to watch, play in and referee. Much credit goes to both teams. Always a great strong game against the wizards.

Final score : 83 - 79

Sharks scorers : Maher 21, Demmon 14, Braenys 14, Long 13, Kraft 9, Andrzejwski 8

November 6th, 2014 by Andrew Demmon