Dartford Sharks I continue winning streak in great form

Sorry for the lack of write ups folks, was on the other side of the world (well not literally but close enough) for a few weeks. Turns out that while I was away the team started winning which is good - And tonight was no exception - although I had a bit kore pressure on my shoulders for us not to lose.

Tonbridge turned out with what looked to be a fairly incomplete side from the team we played against at the beginning of the season. That being said, you can't take anything away from the way the Dartford side played.

From the start we maintained a high level of pace and ability and the quicker players of the team dominated the fast breaks leaving Tonbridge feeling tired for most of the game.

The first two quarters were similar in scores with Dartford out playing Tonbridge by 28 to 15 in the first and 24 to 15 in the second leaving the half time score a rather respectable 52 - 30.

We could have eased up at this point but we kept on going. The third was a slightly lower scoring quarter but still we outplayed Tonbridge by 11 and by this point their heads were low.

The fourth quarter was simply our chance to reach our target final score of 100 points as the game was pretty much over by now.

Great game had by every player on the court. Special mention to the big Canadian Ben aka Moose, Eugene who had amazing pace and scored many on the fast break, Mickel who had some fine shots and lastly Sergei who had a great game pestering on defence.

Final score : 102 - 60

Sharks scorers : Maher 35, Braknys 25, Andrzejewski 18, Krafe 8, Doncuks 7, Demmon 7, Long 2

January 8th, 2015 by Andrew Demmon