Another great win for Sharks I against Eagles

After the dismal performance in the away fixture against Eltham Eagles earlier on in the season we had lots to prove when Eltham arrived at the Shark Tank.  Fresh off a number of wins we were feeling confident and that showed as the game started wth Dartford rushing to a quick 11 - 0 lead.

Eltham soon found their feet and we lost our way a little but maintained the lead going into the second, but by the half we were only 3 points up and the nerves of the players on the bench were getting rather frail.

Some stern words were had in the half time interval and we came out much stronger, moving from a zone to a man.  That combined with the inside presence of Zsolt and, the strong Canadian, Ben we stormed to a 44 -33 lead with a quarter to play.

Eltham tried their best but the lead was too great and Dartford were not giving it up easily.

Final Score : 68 - 53

Sharks Scorers : Maher 25, Long 11, Braknys 11, Krafte 10, Doncuks 4, Andrzejwski 3, Demmon 2, Podjaski 2

January 22nd, 2015 by Andrew Demmon