Wow, what a great win for Sharks I

This Tuesday saw Dartford take the away visit to Walderslade for their return fixture against Wizards. Personally this is my favourite fixture of the season (however saying that I would probably disagree with myself on the long journey home when we do lose!). For those that keep up with these write ups you will notice that our games against them are normally ultra close and a great game to watch.

Tonight was absolutely no different. As we turned up to the gym we realised that this was the first time we had ever had a full team (that I can remember anyway!) - the bench was stacked.

The game got underway and both teams came out strong matching each other's scoring. Big Nick and Pav for the Wizards are a hard task to defend inside but our guys, Ben and Zsolt did a great job against them. Eugene was running the point well and we came off after the first feeling good. At 18-17 we were happy being a single point down.

The second started well but we changed the team up too much and soon we were finding ourselves around 15 points down within minutes. At half time we needed a serious talking to but this was no game we were giving up lightly.

The third we came out with the starting five and Eugene was on fire with his shooting from outside. By the start of the final quarter we had pulled back to being 5 down.

This was make or break time now and even some of the old boys stepped up for the occasion and showed their experience. Kieran with his shoulder problems knocked back 3 threes in a row along with some strong moves inside and crucial foul shooting by Ben.

In the final minutes and seconds points were being traded at an even pace but we now had the advantage of a point or two. This was anyone's game and was too close to call. Some clumsy mistakes and some missed calls (we won't judge Dave, you know we love you!!) put the Wizards on the foul line a fair amount but the pressure was too intense and they did not seize the opportunity.

Another silly mistake on D and an easy three went up to put us three down. Then stepped up James. Failing to find his scoring touch all game, drains the three to pull us even.

Seconds later Ben was fouled and unlike the wizards, loves the pressure and took both points away to steal the game.

I didn't think you could get much more drama than the home fixture against Wizards but there you have it.

A great team game by every one and an excellent victory for the Sharks - well done all!!

Final score : 75-76

Sharks Scorers : Braknys 23, Maher 16, Long 9, Demmon 7, Krafe 6, Madonda 5, Andrzejewski 5, Pullen 3, Smith 2

January 27th, 2015 by Andrew Demmon