Dartford Sharks I great win over Bromley Fury

Dartford took nearly a full squad over to the second game of the season against Bromley.  Warming up, Bromley looked a lot stronger than last year and seemed in great shape - this game could have gone either way.

The game started and points were traded almost basket for basket, only difference was that Dartford hit 3 threes to bump up the lead going in to the second.  Eugene taking control of the point and killing the fast break as well as the outside shooting.  He seemed unstoppable!

The second was very much the same with either team having stints of scoring but Dartford slightly taking the edge and going into the half time break with a low scoring lead of 30 - 23

The second half remained consistant with the first and Dartford never looked like they would be in trouble of losing.

Great team effort by the full squad including a guest appearance with great rebounding from Shilo from the second team. 

Final Score : 60 - 70

Sharks Scorers : Brakyns 28, Maher 14, Pullen 12, Long 8, Krafe 7, Smith 1

February 17th, 2015 by Andrew Demmon