Another 1 Point Win For Dartford Sharks I Over Guru

The Sharks traveled away to Guru for a very close game. Guru were whipping the ball round very well and penetrating the Dartford defense, but every time Guru stretched the lead, Dartford would bring it right back.

Towards the end of the game, Guru got in to foul trouble and Dartford took full advantage of this, taking the ball inside and converting the free throws.

In the dieing seconds of the game the big Canadian withstood the pressure and put in his two foul shots to put Dartford up by 1.

The game ended with a controversial referee decision, one of many throughout the game. From Dartford's point of view, we can only see this as a bit of "What goes around comes around" after being knocked out of the cup in the semi finals due to a similar call!!

Great game had by Ben who kept his cool with the final seconds foul shooting.

Final score: 71 - 70

October 20th, 2010 by Andrew Demmon