Dartford Sharks I keep winning streak alive against Sevenoaks

This Thursday was the return leg of Sevenoaks in the league. With both teams being fairly evenly matched this could have gone either way. 

Dartford started stronger and went up by 8 points to close the first quarter with a score of 21-13.

There was no way that Sevenoaks would give up that easily and came out even stronger to totally upturn the second quarter practically scoring as Dartford had in the first and taking a single point lead going in to the half with a midpoint score of 32-33.

At this point you could have put your money in either team and the third was a bit of a non event as far as the scoring went. A low scoring 13-9 left dartford in the lead by 3 going in to the fourth with all to play for. 

In the fourth we upped the defensive pressure and which was too much for Sevenoaks who trailed for most, if not all, of the quarter. A great finish to the game leaving Dartford victorious and keeping their winning streak alive. 

Final score : 70 - 63

Sharks Scorers : Maher 16, Pullen 11, Braknys 11, Krafe 9, Long 9, Demmon 6, Podjaski 4, Madonda 4

February 26th, 2015 by Andrew Demmon