Easy win for Dartford Sharks I against Maidstone Warriors

Everyone loves a Sunday game especially when England are playing in the rugby and its cup final day in the football (or soccer for Ben)! This Sunday, a dedicated Dartford team missed all that to visit Maidstone away. 

Maidstone seemed to have a huge amount of supporters but hardly any team. Dartford were missing a few players but on the whole we had enough to make an impact and with out supporters in tow had to put on a performance. 

With the luxury of two refs for this game, Dartford took the early lead and steamed ahead to leave the score a respectable 11-19. 

The Maidstone defence was fairly weak and this lead was increased in the second to leave us 27-41 up at the half. 

Coming out of the half time interval we moved to a zone defence and soon after this you could tell that Maidstone were struggling and had all but given up with them only scoring 4 points compared to our 15. 

The last quarter was an attempt at getting our point difference up in case it is needed in the final league standings!

The game completed with a fairly easy win for Dartford. Maidstone return to us next Thursday for the rematch. 

Final score : 41 - 71

Sharks Scorers : Demmon 19, Braknys 15, Maher 14, Krafe 8, Andrzejwski 6, Long 5, Podjaski 4

March 1st, 2015 by Andrew Demmon