Dartford Sharks I breeze past Maidstone Warriors on return leg

This will not be a long write up as there was not much to say about the game. After going to Maidstone on the Sunday and taking the game quite convincingly, Maidstone then returned for our home fixture against them. 

Whether the recent loss is linked I can't say but the team turned up to Dartford with only 6 players and with no inside players. To be fair the team could shoot but this is not going to win a game on its own. 

Dartford took an easy lead from the start and then never looked back. As we knew they had no inside presence we threw on a 3-2 zone defence and forced their shooters out. 

This was all that was needed to lead us to victory in our last league game of the season. Keep an eye on the league tables to see where we came overall in the league this year. 

Next game is against Tonbridge in the semi final of the cup. 

Final Score : 118 - 61

Sharks Scorers : Andrzejwski 23, Krafe 21, Braknys 20, Podjaski 18, Maher 13, Demmon 8, Long 8, Pullen 4

March 5th, 2015 by Andrew Demmon