Eltham host Dartford in Vets friendly

Monday 30th March – Eltham Vets Vs Dartford Vets

With the league season now done and a short break before the Rosebowl begins tonight was a welcome distraction and a chance for some to get a run out in a ‘non-competitive’ game against an Eltham 2nd team hoping to enter the league next year. Both teams were made up of veterans, players returning from injury and those in need of game time.  

Sharks had hoped to field an all 40+ starting five, but with Tim out of the country and Todge & Steve unable to attend we would have to make do with what we had!

Starting slow but steady it took a few minutes for all to get used to their ‘new’ teammates with the 1st ending 6-11 in favour of Dartford. By the 2nd period everyone had managed to get involved in the action and while the scoring was yet to pick up, Sharks remained in front 12-18 at the half.

With both teams now warmed up and the ball being zipped round a bit more easily we began to see the odd fast break or two and a few inside shots from Andy and Jam helped to extend our lead to 22-38 by the end of the 3rd. 

Into the 4th and a good performance at both ends of the court helped Dartford to remain in control with only a long distance triple from Kieran now needed to complete the game. That done it was time for the handshake, team-shout and relief for many to get through the game injury free!!

Many thanks to Eltham for hosting and we look forward to meeting them next season in the league if not before for the rematch!

Final Score: 33-52                

Sharks Scorers: Demmon 12, Long 10, Stopford 9, Webb 7, Allen 4, Fraine 4, Plail 4, Marsh 2.

March 30th, 2015 by Alex Stopford