Rosebowl Kicks off with a win for Dartford Sharks I

As many are already aware, when the season has completed, many of the teams enter the final tournament of the season called the Rosebowl cup.  This is a handicapped cup based on each team's final league position.  Each team is awarded an amount of points, more point the lower down the league you finish and then these points work out how many points head start you receive going in to each game of the rosebowl cup.

Our first game was away at Bromley facing their second team.  Although this is their second team, they still have many great players who have played at a good standard earlier in their lives so it was not going to be an easy game seeing as we were down by 45 points at the start.

We had to start quick to eat our way back at the lead Bromley had been given and that we did in the first quarter out scoring them 12 - 4 with Eugene, once again starting strong.  This was then increased by half time leaving the score 54 - 34 to Bromley and only 20 more points to catch up in the last half.

In the third we started putting more pressure on in the zone but even with great shooting from Kieran and Mickel, this only pulled us back another 6 points leaving us 14 points down.  All or nothing in the last quarter and that's what we did, throwing on a full court press leaving Bromley struggling bringing the ball up and giving away easy turn overs.  This is where we made our real come back.

A number of threes from Dartford helping us but then some cheap fouls while in foul trouble and putting Bromley to the line made it go right to the last few minutes before we had caught up but our perseverance outweighed Bromley's grit and Dartford came out victorious with a 6 point lead.  Not the best of games but a win's a win!

Final Score : 79 - 85 

Sharks Scorers : Brakyns 29, Maher 14, Demmon 12, Krafe 10, Andrzejwski 9, Long 6, Podjaski 4

April 21st, 2015 by Andrew Demmon