Big win for Sharks I in last group game of Rosebowl

After the trials and tribulations of our away game against Eltham we went into this game with an open mind.

On a negative we would start tonight’s game 30 points down.  But on the positive spin, we had Woijceik back from travels, so had a bit more height, and also Tonbridge tend not to travel that well so this game should be easier than if playing away.

Tonight we started strong from the first whistle, taking it inside and getting Tonbridge in early foul trouble.  Outscoring Tonbridge 15 to 9 we had started clawing back on the lead but if we were going to have a chance of taking this game, we would need to do better than this.

In the second quarter we increased the pressure on our defence and (hopefully without sounding too big headed) looked pretty good.  As we all know from good defence comes good offense and this quarter saw us pull back even more points ending the quarter 9 points down.

We had a slight lapse in the third quarter, not playing bad but not playing as good as we did in the second.  A number of 3 pointers and free throws still left us 9 points behind and plenty to do in the fourth.

This is where things started getting tense.  Before Tonbridge had a chance to score, we had pulled back the 9 points that brought us even.  The last 5 minutes were spent trading points, but some superb scoring from Eugene (11 in the quarter) saw us take the lead by 2 points with 7 seconds left.  Our D was strong and there was nothing Tonbridge could do but put up a 3 under pressure that was luckily nowhere near the basket.

Absolutely great game to play in, great team play throughout.  Nobody had a bad game!  Well done guys.  Hopefully this is enough to put us in the knockout stages.

Final Score : 92 - 90

Sharks Scorers : Braknys 22, Demmon 20, Maher 17, Long 13, Podjaski 8, Donchucks 7, Fraser 2, Andrzejewski 1  

May 7th, 2015 by Andrew Demmon