Round up of October Sharks II games

Tuesday 6th October – Bromley II Vs Sharks II

The opening game of the new season was a road trip to Bromley and with 9 players along for the first piece of league action the game got going.  A confident start saw us 10 up at the end of Q1. The pace slowed a little in the second but we remained 16-22 ahead at the half.

With our new players combining well we were able to push on in Q3 and Q4 and take a well-deserved win. One notable point for tonight’s game was our defensive discipline as we managed to finish with only 7 fouls between us the whole night (and yes Sean was playing too!).

Final Score : 41 - 56

Sharks Scorers : Kiersztyn 16, Sabunas 16, Smith 8, Stopford 5, Plail 3, Rowlett 3, Torreggiani 3,    Webb 2.


Thursday 15th October – Sharks II Vs Maidstone II

Our first home game was against a Maidstone team who were in Div 1 last year. A good early test in itself but one we made harder on ourselves by having only 7 players and no recognised point guard for the night.

We were in for a long evening as a well drilled Maidstone side set the pace and we could not stem the flow of baskets until the final quarter when the game was already out of reach. A frustrating night and an early warning for Sharks II that there will be no easy games for us this year.           

Final Score : 55 - 76

Sharks Scorers: Demmon 29, Sabunas 13, Stopford 4, Rowlett 3, Allen 2, Torreggiani 2, Webb 2.


Thursday 29th October – Sharks II Vs Sevenoaks – Medway Cup

The Medway Cup first round game saw us drawn against Div 1 Sevenoaks. With a couple of injuries and others away on holiday we were again only able to have 2 on the bench for the night. Starting the game in our familiar 2-1-2 zone we were taken to pieces in Q1 as Sevenoaks run out 10-30 up going into the second.

Something had to change or the game was only going to get further away from us. We went to a man defence, and while still coming under heavy fire from Sevenoaks, the flow of the game began to suit our style of play.

A disappointing 16-52 at the half could have seen us give up but that wasn’t good enough for us. Our defensive efforts were maintained and we could now build on that to link up better in the front court. A much improved performance saw us win the second half 34-23 to give us something to build on going forward. Sevenoaks were winners on the night which means we will now progress to the Plate competition at home to Folkestone in February.

Final Score : 50 - 75

Sharks Scorers : Kiersztyn 18, Sabunas 18, Healy 5, Rowlett 5, Allen 2, Smith 2.

November 2nd, 2015 by Alex Stopford