Sharks I strong game against Eltham Eagles

Dartford made the journey to Eltham’s home court where they were looking to avenge last year’s loss. Dartford arrived early to warm up for the match however our sharp shooter arrived late as he found it a challenge to find a parking space. Luckily for him the match did not start on time. The Sharks did not let this late start affect there preparation as they came out flying. The ball was moving, everyone was involved and Eltham didn’t know what had hit them.

This trend continued for the majority of the game and Dartford cruised to the win. Great game had by all and special mention to Soren who was making great cuts all game and taking advantage of the good ball movement. 

Next match is away to Maidstone where the Sharks will look to continue their winning ways and play a solid team game.

Final score : 26 - 65

Sharks scorers : Schreiber 18, Maher 8, Pullen 8, Demmon 6, Doncuks 6, Marsh 6, Andrzejewski 5, Fraser 4, Kraft 2, Long 2

November 19th, 2015 by Ben Maher