Sharks I continue on winning streak

Sharks travelled to Maidstone to play the newly promoted Maidstone Warriors. Riding a 2 game win streak the Sharks confidence was on the rise and we needed to make sure we took care of business if we want to achieve our goal of winning the league. The Sharks started the game off strong and seemed to be in control despite missing some easy opportunities. Sharks were playing a very good team game with the ball moving and forcing the Maidstone defence to work extra hard. Dartford experienced a slight dip in performance where we got away from what was working but managed to right the ship and finish the game strong for a comfortable victory. Strong play from Soren with his drives to the baskets and blocks on defence, Zolt displaying his basketball IQ and Andy for his strong defence and rebounding.

With 3 wins in a row Sharks will look to take this moment into our final game before the Christmas break against our rivals Wizards. This is an important game for the Sharks as at this stage of the season the Sharks can hardly afford another loss. This will set the stage for another tough but entertaining game.

Final Score : 51 - 73

Sharks Scorers : Maher 23, Schreiber 16, Kraft 13, Long 8, Fraser 6, Pullen 3, Andrzejewski 3, Marsh 1

November 25th, 2015 by Ben Maher